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26th-Feb-2018 05:33 pm - Looking for a Fic
Hi there!

I'm trying to find a Kirk/Spock fic where Kirk and Spock are down on some planet and get cut off from the ship. While they're fleeing the local 'aliens with guns' Spock gets shot, and Kirk has to leave him to try and find a place in range of ships contact. I think Spock makes it, but it's close and Kirk freaks out a little. Pretty sure it had much more than that to the actual story, and ended with Spirky goodness.

Any help?! I know I've read this one a million times, but I can't find it anywhere!

Thanks in advance :D Love this group, always will.
In this fic, the five year mission ends and kirk is promoted to commodore, where he is stuck in an office on earth all day rather than a ship. There is a woman (an admiral?) in his office. Kirk is depressed by his new boring life.

Kirk sleeps with Spock, and then it flashes forwards to his wedding - he is marrying the woman from his office. Winona is there, she says something about always assuming kirk would marry a man (possibly mentions spock specically)

I've asked about it on here before, but to no avail - the fic I'm looking for is DEFINITELY not on the AO3 and probably mot on ff.net (i think too old for either)
22nd-Feb-2018 02:20 pm - Object of Desire by AshayaTReldai
Time to Suit Up
Hi! I'm looking for the fic Object of Desire by AshayaTReldai
I saw this fic recommended but it looks like the link I had to it was deleted. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find this fic? Thanks!
20th-Feb-2018 11:26 pm - Bullied Jim
Hi, I’m looking for a specific academy era fic that I can not find. Jim and Mcoy are roommates, but Jim’s really weird. I remember at one point he tells someone who was tripping Mcoy they should be careful where they put thier legs something could happen to them. I think it was either directly stated or alluded to that pre Academy Jim was involved with section 31.

2. I’d really love some suggestions where someone on the bridge crew or Dr.Mcoy is mean, sassy, rude to, or belittling to Jim and later learns he has a perfectly valid reason or a really tragic reason for whatever they were mean to him about and then they feel awful!
Thanks in advance!
I read this fic SO long ago. The admirals are wanting a debriefing with Jim, not believing he’s injured as much as he is. The crew is very protective, trying to delay the inevitable to give Jim more time to recover. When Jim finally goes up in front of them ala conference call via holovid over Enterprise, admirals are shocked he looks as bad as he does.

Also, any fic rec that involves protective crew and a Hurt Jim would be lovely! Thank you!
18th-Feb-2018 08:13 pm - Spock undergoes Kohlinahr Spirk fic
I am starting to think I'm going crazy because I can't find what I'm thinking of, but I'm looking for a long fic where Jim and Spock get together, but they end up breaking up due to (I think) a misunderstanding and Spock decides to undergo Kohlinahr (possibly spelled wrong). Jim is distraught when he learns that Spock has completed the process but goes to him anyway to try and win his thyla back or at least be around him. I distinctly remember he was a well respected master of Gol. I think Jim ends up succeeding after awhile... it was a happy ending.

That said: Please rec any medium-long breakup/makeup, angsty but happy ending Kohlinahr (or non kohlinahr) fics! I'm a sucker for angst with a happy ending. I prefer Spock's POV, but either is fine.
18th-Feb-2018 02:01 pm - umbrella can
I was wondering if anyone out there has a copy of a fic called “This Fire, It Burns so Hot” by umbrella can. Sadly her journal has been deleted and I’d love to have a copy of this Fic. I love her stories. I have a few, but not this particular one. I sure hope someone has it.

Thank you so much in advance!
17th-Feb-2018 01:20 am - Self loathing Spock
Anyone know any self loathing Spock fics? Or any fics where Spock thinks he deserves to be treated like crap because he has been his entire life and that's just what he's come to expect
12th-Feb-2018 12:39 pm - General fic search: STID Hurt Spock
Hi all,
I'm looking for any and all stories dealing with Spock's injuries post his fights with Khan in Into Darkness. Particularly any where he has a skull fracture, etc. I'd love any where McCoy figures it out and has to then save Spock, just after saving Jim. There was one on ff.net called Happy Place, I think, that I can no longer find, if anyone knows where I might find it?

I am looking for a fic I read years ago in which Jocelyn meets Jim at a bar. He is reading poetry from a book and she tries to flirt/hit on him. He is polite but not interested. She is waiting to meet Bones to go over a contract for a horse. She realises Bone and Jim are married and she is shocked to see the relationship.

Hopefully someone can help!!!
5th-Feb-2018 09:10 am - Kirk accused of Assault

The part of the fic I remember is that Jim and Spock have been interacting out of sight of the rest of the crew, and Spock has been letting Kirk make out with him in a vulcan fashion, but I don't think Jim realizes it. They get through a battle and in the aftermath, Jim reaches for Spock's hands in relief, twining their fingers together in full view of the crew, and Spock startles... because they'd been hiding that from the crew.

The bridge crew, Bones included, throw an immediate intervention and threaten to bring Jim up on assault charges, because Spock flinched. And Jim is confused... because nobody has told Jim what he's been doing has been Vulcan make out sessions. But the entire crew is serious about protecting Spock from Jim.

Please tell me this rings a bell?

Found in Comments

Hey, I'm new to the fandom (or leaving the HP fandom at all!), and I kinda adore Chekov. I'm looking for any ST Reboot* McCoy/Chekov, and also Sulu/Chekov, recs you might have that don't come from AO3 (I've already mined AO3 pretty well).

I'm not opposed to other Chekov pairings, either. I'm pretty open--no major character death, and no non-con within the pairing. Thank you SO much!

*is Reboot the best term for the new movies? I've seen a couple terms.
copyright Scott Adams
I'm looking for a fic where Sarek refuses to acknowledge Spock and Kirk's relationship and Kirk decides to break-up with Spock because of it and retire from Starfleet, through Pike. Then Prime storms into Sarek's study and reams him out about breaking up a t'hy'la pair. Prime then helps Spock kidnap Kirk and take him to Sarek's home and Kirk worries that they're AWOL. I think it has a scene where Kirk and Spock go out to the dining room and Sarek, Prime and a healer are waiting for them and Sarek bows to Kirk and begs or his forgiveness. I'm almost certain it was on the K/S Archive. Any help would be appreciated!
25th-Jan-2018 06:53 am - A two-fer
So I’m looking for two storys.

On of them I just remember Jim has twin boys and they end up running around the bridge at just the right time to stop a Klingon attack because the Klingon sees them and Jim is kinda like “ya want them”?

The other one I thought I had Mark to read later because I saw it when I was in the middle of something else and didn’t. So all I can remember is something about Bones being angry with Spock because his ex wife was actually a Vulcan and his daughter is half Vulcan.
23rd-Jan-2018 09:18 pm - Trying to find a Spirk fic

I can't remember the title of this fic or who wrote it, but it's about Spock meeting Jim, who turns out to be a mountie.  I remember Spock speaking french and I think it was about two chapters.  I'm not sure if the author ever finished writing it, but it was excellent.  I hope someone here can help me locate this fic.  I'd greatly appreciate it!

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