Rat Creature (ratcreature) wrote in st_ficfinder,
Rat Creature

alien physiology

I recently read Chase820's fabulous Reboot story Secret Vulcan Mating Rituals (still a WIP, alas), in which Spock's penis is barbed, like a cat's, and I've been wondering whether that appears in TOS fanfic as well. I've seen Vulcans made into descendants of felines in TOS fanfic several times, but I can't recall any TOS examples for cat-like penis details going along with this. I've seen many instances of the notorious double ridges, and I have seen a couple of more alien configurations, like tentacles and such for Spock's genitalia in TOS fic now and then, but I can't think of any cat-like penises.

So are there any such stories in TOS? (I'd take more examples for it in Reboot as well.)
Tags: character:spock, species:vulcan, theme:aliengenitalia, universe:reboot, universe:tos

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