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12th-Nov-2017 01:19 pm - Wonderful McCoy fic
This isn't a request, just a rec for a really good fic.
For anyone who's a McCoy fan, sunshine (sunshinepiveh on fanfiction.net) has just posted a fantastic multi-chapter fic detailing his life pre-Starfleet, covering his last year's of med school and residency, the breakdown of his marriage, and his questioning of his sexuality.
It's called Bones and is on AO3. Could be read as either AOS or TOS.
Her writing is extremely good, professional level, and I strongly recommend her other fics as well, especially Seven Years.
6th-Nov-2017 10:15 pm - Spock Prime disapproves?
Holmes - Reality
I had kind of an odd thought yesterday. A lot of fiction writers like to take Spock Prime's 'friendship that will define you both' speech and carry it one step further - they have him as a matchmaker. Are there any fics where he reacts negatively to Spock and Jim becoming partners? Where he assumes that friendship is all they will/should share and is put off or feels it's inappropriate for them to be a couple? I feel like I might have seen this written before, but maybe it's my imagination.
angels, fly
Does anyone know where I might find the last two podfics for the Bases Loaded series by Kyliselle? I have the first 4 (they're on jinjurly), but the last two ("Rounding Third" and "Sliding into Home") were created by Silvershadowkitsune and stored somewhere that doesn't have them anymore. So I'm hoping someone downloaded them before the were lost and is willing to share them. Please? Pretty please?

By the way, sorry for not tagging this, but for some reason LJ isn't allowing me to do so. ;-(
31st-Oct-2017 12:52 am - Spock's birthmarks
copyright Scott Adams
Yet again I know exactly what I'm looking for but no matter how much I put into google it will not spit out the fic.
I'm looking for a fic where Uhura dumps Spock because he has red and green blotchy birthmarks and Kirk finds out an comforts him and then they get together.

Also, randomly, the outpouring of gratitude I have received for simply sending people littlebirdtold's fics has been amazing. I know this whole community is about fans helping each other and I know how much I appreciate finally getting that itch of knowledge scratched but you guys are so nice. It's awesome. Thank you and you're welcome. I love you all.

Found: Damaged Goods
I was pretty positive that KCS wrote a fic where Sulu gives Spock a makeover- haircut and makeup. It was pretty cute and hilariously awkward, I'd really like to read it again! But I can't find it now, it must have been by some other author. It was very similar in tone to KCS' stuff- gen, fluffy, daily life on the enterprise. I'm also pretty sure it was the last part in a series of fics, possibly a five in one. Can anyone help me find this?

Found: In the Line of Duty by Closet Scrawler
Hello all. This idea started because I was rewatching Undiscovered Country, and I caught the reaction Sarek has when Kirk and McCoy are sentenced at their trial. It got me thinking about how Sarek must consider Jim, the regard he must hold him in. He melded with him, game him and his crew sanctuary on Vulcan, attempted to speak in his defense to Starfleet..safe to say, he has respect for Kirk. I don't know that there's any real idea of the relationship in AOS, but I would imagine he does not dislike Kirk, at least. Are there any stories, particularly K/S, that feature Sarek in a large way? Either coming to Kirk's aid, or in other ways showing his 'feelings' (pardon me, all Vulcans!) about Kirk? In a positive way, I mean. I'll take TOS or AOS, gen or slash. Just no het please, I am not a big fan of the new Spock/Uhura thing they have going in the movies.
There are two fics I'm looking for that I can't find. Both were on ao3. The first one was spirk fic that was about Jim falling asleep in random places on the ship and the crew getting used to Spock coming to pick him up. The second fic I'm pretty sure was k/s/m fic where Bones becomes invisible on the ship and everyone forgets about him so he just lives in jeffries tube and scratches messages onto the metal. If anyone remembers what fics these are you'd be the best! Thankss
Hi, everyone!

So I’m completely at my wit’s end because I’ve been trying to find this fic for hours now, and I’m sure it’s pretty popular!

All I remember is:

Kirk, Spock, and Uhura come back from an away mission, with Uhura being injured. They go to med bay, and Spock melds with Kirk to relay the information about the enemy that hurt Nyota, and Kirk goes off to the Brig (? i think) and kills said perpetrator. Bones hates this - hates the fact that Spock and Jim can go around killing people while it’s completely against his own moral code of ethics, and despises Jim for it. I think there’s angry sex between Kirk and McCoy, but I’m not sure. Then, Nyota and McCoy have a little talk and Uhura reveals that Spock and Jim do what they have to do for the sake of the people they love. I think after that, Spock melds with McCoy to show him how deeply Kirk truly feels for Bones.

Gosh! For all the details I remember, I still can’t find it anywhere. Does this ring any bells for anyone? I would be eternally grateful if you guys could help me.

Thanks so much!
11th-Oct-2017 07:46 pm - Accidental Bonding Fic
copyright Scott Adams
I'm looking for a fic where Kirk isn't a member of Starfleet but somehow ends up bonded to Spock and at the end Pike asks Spock to meld with a male Orion assassin and Spock insists that he needs Jim with him and the assassin turns out to be a scapegoat for female Orions who are apparently secretly in charge of their species. I think it also has an hostile T'Pring in it too, and she uses the assassin's mind to attack Spock. Any help finding it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
9th-Oct-2017 01:05 pm - Purged Author
copyright Scott Adams
We have recently discovered that the author AshayaTReldai has purged her work, both from AO3 and the K/S archive. I have a few of them but I'm hoping some of you have others of her work saved. If so, I'm hoping you can e-mail them to me. My address is attack.iguana@gmail.com. Once I've collected them, of course I will be more than happy to e-mail them to anyone who asks
The fics that I have saved are hereCollapse )
The list of her fics that I don't have that I can find is hereCollapse )
bruce; science
So yeah, I'm looking for this fic I read forever ago. I'm like 99% sure it was spirk, and it had to do with Jim's past trauma on Taurus IV. The only concrete thing I really remember about this fic was that Jim horded food. I've looked around on ao3/Tumblr but I can't find this fic. Help? ;;
Hi! Does anyone know any interesting fics about Joanna Mccoy's school? I'm looking for something with Jim/Bones where both or just one of them has to show up to her school for example to a parents-teachers meeting or to talk with the principal. It doesnt need to be something like this but I want to read something that includes reactions of other people (e.g. teachers, Joannas peers or her boyfriend) when they meet or just are told that her parents are so important and that YES she really knows the captain of the enterprise
Thanks in advance!
5th-Oct-2017 04:16 am - Spock with scars

I remember reading a fic where a child Spock had scars from abuse and McCoy and Kirk told Sarek and Sarek to see if Sarek knew about the abuse which he didn't and Sarek got angry that Spock was abused and he didn't know.,
Anyone know the fic?? would love to read it again.

Not sure i've tagged this right Sorry!
Having a surprisingly hard time finding pregnant Spock fics where Kirk is the dad. Prefer long fics and please no slavery/spoils of the victor ones (that those exist disturbs me greatly). Dark is fine as long as it's not between the main pairing of Jim and Kirk. I prefer eventual happy endings.

Long fics with Spirk pairing are welcome, too (I love angst with a happy ending). Just note it's not mpreg and I'll add it to my "read later" list. :)

2nd-Oct-2017 10:11 pm - Spirk Music Au?
Hi! So I've been trying to find this fic where Im pretty sure Jim is blind and he plays the violin. I think Spock plays the piano, and he is intrigued by Jim and tries to start a relationship. I can only remember one scene where Spock walks into a music hall to practice but see a man playing the violin and is entranced. I know it is extremely vague but if anybody knows what I'm talking about I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
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