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28th-Jun-2017 12:45 pm - Bones and Jim Academy
So I just have a particular scene in mind that I can't remember where it is from. Jim asks Bones to go to one of his competitions (I think it was a track competition/race). I think Bones originally sasses him and says he won't go, but later realizes how important it is to Jim and goes. I believe he gets there slightly late so Jim doesn't see him until he is actually running and can hear Bones yelling, and then runs straight to him after he wins to give a hug, while being slightly incredulous and amazed that Bones actually came. That's all.

I don't remember if this was just a one shot or if this was a part of a much longer fic. Potentially a JimxBones ship or just friendship. 98% certain that I read it on A03. Thanks for your help!!!
26th-Jun-2017 11:16 am - Bones lost in time
Hi I posted this search a while back, but got no responses and since I've had no luck in findingthis fic thought I'd try again

I'm looking for a fic where Jim and Bones are together and then Bones suddenly disappears. Much later, he reappears again but he's been gone a long time, he was misplaced somewhere in time. He meets up with Jim again who is now older than he is. Bones still loves Jim because to him no time has passed, but to Jim, Bones is practically a stranger.

I remember what happened after that. Does anyone remember this fic? It was great and I'd love to re read it.
Your help is appreciated.
26th-Jun-2017 11:22 am - Looking for a specific fic....
I read this a few months ago and now can't find it anywhere! Kirk, Spock, and Uhura are on a mission and things go wrong (natch...) Kirk gets shot because Uhura is distracted by Spock. They're dumped in a forest or jungle where Kirk gets a virus or infection that is activated by the sunlight of the planet. McCoy is in it as well, and there's lots of hurt!jim. I believe it was an AOS story. Any help would be appreciated!
1)Looking for any fic that has jim adopting, taking care,or having a vulcan child. Really I just want jim interacting with a vulcan child. It doesn't matter if its his or not. Any pairing. Even wip or abandoned fics.

2) a fic where jim saves spocks mom and the pairing i want is jim/spock.

3)a fic where vulcan is saved
25th-Jun-2017 01:54 am - Looking for a specific fic (found!)
Hi! I'm looking for a fic i read some time ago. It was very angsty and pretty long (i think) and I remember only some parts of the plot. Jim was in juvie or somewhere similar and the director of the place molested the kids. Jim talked to the kids there and gave them pieces of advice how not to become his next victims, told them to walk in groups and so on. There was a scene where Jim wanted to finally get rid of the guy and manipulated him into saying the truth about his crimes while the message was being sent to starfleet and there was a huge scandal.

Anyone knows where i can find this story?
Thanks in advance!
Black Kitty
Hello. Does anyone have a copy of With Tears by putigress? My bookmark leads to a deleted account. The following description was copied to my diigo: Prompt: Kirk/character of anon's choice are in a relationship the whole crew knows about and accepts. Then, Kirk gets top!secret-super!classified orders from stafleet basically forcing him to seduce a traitor/spy to get information for starfleet. [OR Kirk's orders force him to gain trust from the traitor/spy, so Kirk is all friendly and the traitor/spy takes advantage of Kirk.]

Kirk follows orders/is forced but he's horrified, disgusted, and seriously messed up mentally by the encounter. Instead of comforting him or trying to understand Kirk's side, his significant other dumps him for cheating and the crew blames/is nasty to Kirk, since they aren't privy to starfleet's orders. Much angst ensues!

My email is reddaydawnings at gmail dot com

Found at dreamwidth
Hello Everybody! I could realy use some help, Ive been looking for a certain Bones/Spock Fic.
I think it was either on Fanfiction.net or AO3.
All I can rememver about about it was That Bones had a crush from afar on spock, and was freaking out, since Spock had just gotten a haircut, and he still liked him.
Jim was there to.
21st-Jun-2017 04:56 am - A Pinto fic actually .
sexy (lataine.net)
I just read this not that long ago. Did not save it naturally. And my mind is a total blank except at some point Chris is running from some guy called Dick Sock Guy. If anyone can find it just from that crappy detail you are a better googler than I! Thanks for any help. :)
19th-Jun-2017 09:37 pm - Au Fanfiction
Hi, looking for a specific fic, it was an au. Jim was mute and his mother was a ghost, McCoy was a magical healer and his daughter contracted cancer, and Spock was an Fbi agent and also magic. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, dying to read this again and cannot find it. Thanks.
17th-Jun-2017 04:38 pm - FOUND: Kirk/Spock aura fic
Time to Suit Up
I'm trying to find a spirk fic I read a few months ago, that I know I bookmarked but I can't find it and it's driving me a little crazy! Hopefully someone will be able to help me out.

In it Kirk somehow gained the ability to see peoples auras and eventually realized that Spock was in love with him by watching how his colors behaved when he was around.

11th-Jun-2017 01:12 pm - verizonhorizon's Le Coeur de la Mer
I saw a bookmark for a fic by verizonhorizon called Le Coeur de la Mer... It sounded good, but that author has deleted all of their stuff everywhere I've looked...

I've checked Wayback Machine and can't find it. Does anyone happen to have a copy?
5th-Jun-2017 11:53 pm - The author Kalita Kasar
I am sorting through some unsorted fanfiction saved on one of my hard drive and I found the story Errors of Judgement written by Kalita Kasar.

Its a great story but the ending is such that there could be a sequel. The author writings before and after the story does not imply any hint there could be a sequel but as my copy (which is circa 13 years old) was posted in one of the postlists I was on years ago, things could be different now. But the problem is that this story is not findable through google and in the websites I have found her work on does not house Error of Judgement.

That means I can't find out through my usual investigative means :/

Does anyone recognise this story and maybe know if there is a sequel?

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4th-Jun-2017 08:36 pm - Recommend fanfics

Hi, can you recommend a story like "5x Spock Melded w / Kirk & 1x Kirk Melded w / Spock", where for some reason Jim is endangering or getting into fights on purpose, please. And if it's slash better

26th-May-2017 11:30 am - Bones disapproves.
Im looking for kirk/spock fics where bones diaspproves of their relationship.

I remember reading one before where bones thought spock couldn't love kirk beacuse he was vulcan and fell out with kirk over it, i think kirk died and bones realised he was wrong.

I'd really like to reread it if anyone recognises it and any other fics where bones (or anyone really) disapproves of their relationship.

I'd prefer fics where they disapprove because of spock being vulcan but i'd love to try some other themes to.
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