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31st-Aug-2017 12:31 pm - Looking for Hurt!Spock

Hello Everyone, I am new here. But I'm a total sucker for Hurt!Spock stories. I don't care about the pairing as long as the story features Hurt/Injured/Lonely Spock. I prefer longer stories. But even short ones and works in progress are appreciated. Which are your favorites? And if possible, where can I find them. Thanks :)

19th-Aug-2017 08:18 pm - Star Trek TMP
Hello! I just recently rewatched Star Trek: The Motion Picture and wanted to know if anyone had any good Kirk/Spock recs that take place during or in the direct aftermath of the movie? Thanks!
16th-Aug-2017 08:57 pm - Funny pregnant Uhura story
Taline's Egypt

I'm looking for a funny story I read a few years back and now can't find and it's driving me bananas!  I think it was fairly short.

Uhura is very pregnant but has to join a landing party because she's the only one with the skills needed to interpret the language of the aliens who live on that planet.  I think things weren't going very well and then she starts to go into labor.  There is some technical malfunction and they can't get back to teh Enterprise.  She explains to the natives as best she can- something like "here and now I am making a new person."  Kirk starts telling her to push and the natives also start yelling "pooooooosh!"  The delivery goes well and whatever communication problem made them unable to beam back to the Enterprise is fixed- as they are beaming back the natives are smiling and happy for them.  I think the father was Spock and he was stuck on the Enterprise while this was happening.

Does anyone else remember this story or know where I could find it?  My google skills have failed me.  Many thanks!
16th-Aug-2017 05:47 pm - Looking for another Spock/Bones story
vanity by cowper
I'm not sure what happening, but it feels like a few of my favorite fanfics are being deleted or something. :(

The one I'm looking for now is one I recently read. It started out with Spock and Bones actually not liking each other at all - totally hating each other. I think the summary of the story actually calls McCoy xenophobic. For some reason (that I can't remember), they are on a shuttle and have to make an emergency landing/crash. Spock is injured and McCoy has to care for him. They crash on a mountainous, desert planet, near a cliff. Spock fights McCoy when McCoy tries to keep him (Spock) from going over a cliff. Finally, Spock lets McCoy help him. The story ends with them learning to trust each other and being rescued. The last chapter/epilogue has them actually going back to the planet to camp on like a honeymoon or date.

I'm hoping that I just can't find this story, and that it hasn't been deleted.

Thanks in advance!!!! :)
12th-Aug-2017 07:34 am - Steam Punk
I'm looking for a fic where Jim is the Captain of an air ship a la Steam Punk. He and Bones had been together and broken up for some reason I don't remember. Sometime during the fic I think Bones' mom or grandmother was murdered by Nero. There was an air ship battle too as I recall. It's an old fic, but the steam punk aspect of the AU was done very well and I'd like to find it again to re read. Does anyone remember this fic? Thanks in advance for your help.
9th-Aug-2017 09:05 pm - Looking for two kinds of fics

1. Does anyone know any fics that deal with Jim being alone in the world? Something where poeple at the academy/on the enterprise start to notice that he doesnt go home during breaks or that he never calls anyone? He may have friends or loved ones with him but his family is gone/abandoned him or he for whatever reason doesnt want to contact them anymore? It doesnt have to be the main topic of the story, it may be something he mentioned or other people noticed about him. It may be gen or slash but i dont like het.

2. Fics about wionna being a bad mother. Something where she ignored/mistreated Jim for his whole life but for any reason wanted to get in touch with him after he became famous? Or anything where she remembers about him after a few years and immidiatly wants to have some kind of influence on his life, choice of friends, partner? Or where she wants to be in spotlight because ahe likes attention and the easiest way to get it is by hanging around her famous son
Thanks in advance!!!
7th-Aug-2017 12:52 pm - Daughter(s) from the future?
KS in the dirt (shirakana)

I'm looking for a fic with two little girls suddenly appearing on the Enterprise (reboot version), and we find out that they are Kirk and Spock's daughter, and Scotty and Uhura's daughter. They're not sure if the girls are from the future or an alternate universe since Uhura didn't think she could have children, but Kirk wants them to be from the future because that means he'll be with Spock.

Thanks in advance!
1st-Aug-2017 07:02 pm - Looking for Spones story
vanity by cowper
The pairing is Spock/Bones. The story starts off with Spock giving Bones a hand massage. Bones starts falling asleep, and Spock gets irritated because he thought he was doing more than giving a hand massage - he thought he was giving a handjob. Bones has to explain the misunderstanding to Spock. I think there is a demonstration, but I can't recall for certain.

Any help would be awesome!!! It's such a sweet story. :)
28th-Jul-2017 05:55 pm - Looking for ST Fic
I was wondering if there are any stories or a story where Kirk is hurt and for some reason does not tell Spock because he didn't want to distract Spock from doing something important. (like they are on a planet, maybe first contact or something like that) And Kirk finally collapses and Spock asks him why he didn't tell him he had been hurt. I don't know if this fiction exists, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.
27th-Jul-2017 03:44 pm - empath/telepath/betazoid Kirk
I was looking around for empath/telepath/betazoid Kirk recs, and encountered Connections and its sequel Empathy (and also Contact) by daphnie_1 which links to an access/denied/deleted journal.  Does anyone know if they might be posted elsewhere or if anyone has copies?

Also mentioned was CassieJamie's "Cor Aut Mors" which I can't find any trace of.

Meanwhile, if you have recs other than Tangled Destenies or Anchor Me, I'd love that.  Thank you, darlings!
26th-Jul-2017 09:10 pm(no subject)
I wonder if somebody could help me. I am looking for a fic I read a few years back (but after the 2009) In this story J.T.Kirk is not in Starfreet/Federation. In fact I am not sure if these even exist or if they are very young. Kirk is on a small ship, not sure if he is the captain or he is acting captain, there is someone else as memeber of his crew and he has a wounded Romulan/Klingon that he rescued, but is keeping him under guard as he does not trust him. His ship is damaged and drifting, I think. Kirk is then rescued by a Vulcan Ship captained by Spock and I think Dr. McCoy is his CMD. There are other humans aboard the vulcan ship. I think Kirk is also wounded, possibly because he found himself in the middle of a battle. I do not remember much else, apart from the fact that Spock is impressed by the feisty human.
22nd-Jul-2017 11:03 pm - looking for mckirk fic
I read a fic where the crew went for negotitations for a planet to join the federation but they wanted to see if their ideals matched. When they looked into kirk's mind it was a scene with him being married to mccoy and his parents were alive. The crew was able to see these scenes as well. It featured bottom kirk. I have not been able to find this fic anywhere. Any help would be great. Thanks!!
22nd-Jul-2017 02:09 am - Super long epic reboot fic
I read an incredibly long incredibly well written spock/kirk fic a few years back and i'm dying to find it again, but i dont know where it is. it was at least 300 chapters long, involved uhura becoming a sister figure to spock, bones being called out for xenophobia, and a lot of TOS episodes being rewritten for the reboot cast. It emphacized found family and I'm pretty sure they did extensive research on Kirk Effect and then published an essay on it? There was a whole things with Edith Keeler but in 2014 or something like that. There was a lot of introspection on language and emotion and it was very spock-centric for being essentially a love letter to Kirk. It was tremendously well-written and I'd do anything to find it again.

EDIT: Found it, it was observations
20th-Jul-2017 12:59 am - Dr. McCoy and Joanna McCoy fic
I am looking for a fic that I read a while ago, and now cannot find. I'm pretty sure it was on fanfiction. It's one where Joanna McCoy (who doesn't have any clear memories of her father)decided to contact her father after getting a hold of a comm and finding his number because she remembers his first name is Leonard. She calls and McCoy answers angrily because he thinks it's Jocelyn. After almost dropping the comm in surprise she says, "Is this Le-o-nard?" Bones realizes it's his daughter and they both end up crying. Bones ends up getting custody of his daughter after Jocelyn is charged with neglect because
she was basically leaving Joanna to fend for herself. It's from the AU verse.

Thank you!

Also I will happily take any good Bones & Joanna McCoy fics that people can recommend.
17th-Jul-2017 09:32 pm - Looking for Vicki Reid series
I'm looking for Vicki Reid's 'Maquis or Not, Here I Come,' series. I had them saved, but then my computer decided to have a meltdown, and I have no idea where to get the stories. Can anyone help?
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