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27th-May-2016 01:57 am - Kidfic at the Academy
Dean Cas Sam
Hi, i'm looking for a really cute story where Spock's nephew is staying with him at the Academy( the kid's mother was working on another planet, i think). The child follows Kirk and study him, taking notes about him, because he thinks Jim could be a perfect mate for Spock. In the beginning Jim thinks that this all situation is really weird and feels stlaked, but he confronts the kid and when he brings him back to his tutor he meets Spock. The child keeps finding ways to make the two men meet and know each other better. They eventually fall in love.I hope that someone can help me, thank you :D
[Star Trek] Kirk/McCoy
Hi everyone!

I come to you with a special request. I'm sad that we didn't see Bones' reaction to Kirk's death in STID. So I was wondering if you could kindly rec me any (post-)STID fics that fill in the blanks. Preferably get-together fics, but anything else is also fine. (Any rating.) I kind of missed all the fics when the movie came out. So I have a lot of catching-up to do. Thanks a lot in advance!
23rd-May-2016 05:11 pm - More hurt!Kirk fic please?
So the new STB trailer just came out, which contains even more hurt!Spock and spones, which, unfortunately, is exactly opposite to what I want......

So considering after its release the fandom will most likely be inundated with hurt!Spock and spones fics, I just wanna enjoy some sweet hurt!Jim featuring overprotective!Everybody before the whole world turned its back on me...

I already went through the hurt!Jim C2 on ff,  could you guys please rec me some more delicious hurt!Jim fics? It can be gen or slash, but if it's slash I'd prefer a bottom!Kirk.

Thanks in advance!
19th-May-2016 09:35 pm(no subject)
I'm looking for an old AU fic where Bones is recruited to be a secret agent for a top secret organization. Jim is a secret agent too...I think the group is after terrorists. If I remember correctly, Pike is in charge of the group. Spock and Sulu are agents too.

Does this fic ring a bell for anyone. It was so good and I wish I'd bookmarked it.
16th-May-2016 06:08 am - K/S AOS fic
copyright Scott Adams
I'm looking for a K/S fic that starts off just as the mission starts and Vulcans have like a range for how close they'll let a person near them based on the relationship they have. When Kirk finds out about this he starts experimenting with how close Spock will let him, by the tightening of his eyes when he gets too close. Until Spock lets him stand touching him, closer than anyone else.
Recognize it anyone?
16th-May-2016 03:10 am - New really good fic?
I've been really sick, i'm still recovering but now i'm strong enough to read again! and its a great way to pass time when you're resting :)

I dont know what has been written after December. I like any kind of k/s though i prefer hurt/comfort and hurt spock and first time. But really, any kind of k/s story would be great! So what great fic got out in 2016?

Thank you
15th-May-2016 05:23 pm - Looking AU Reboot fics (Spock/Kirk)
Hi I'm looking for a few things.

First thing I'm looking for a specific AU reboot fic in which Spock is a vampire who was turned centuries prior to AOS. He turns Jim after the two of them attend a Halloween party onboard the Enterprise. Bones also gets turned by one of Spock's associates from when he was turned, a young woman.

The other stories I'm looking for are general Reboot Spock/Kirk stories where one or both of them are supernatural beings, creatures, Borg, Sylar-esque, feral, or mutants of some kind.

Can anyone help a girl out?
15th-May-2016 09:15 pm - LF kidfic


I've read a lot of fic where Jim and Spock raise a Vulcan kid (either Spock's or adopted) and the kid quickly develops a familial bond with/are most interested in spending time with Jim while Spock have to work a bit to reach the same status.

Now I'm wondering if anyone knows of any fic where a kid belonging in some way to Spock/Jim (or Spock/Bones), human/Vulcan/otherwise favours Spock right away?
(If you have any recs of de-aged Jim preferring Spock's company I'll be happy to read those too!)

15th-May-2016 07:33 pm - K/S arranged marriage fic
I found the description of fic in another community and thought I'd love to read it.

There was a really long description under, I'm putting it under the cut.

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I'm looking for an angsty spirk fic. I've read it a few times but I can't find it again. In it Spock is with Uhura but Jim really loves Spock. They are t'hyla but Spock stays with Uhura. Some how Kirk finds his way to a parallel dimension where their Kirk died at some point, I don't know exactly when though. The parallel Spock immediately wants to claim him.

Kirk is brought back to his original dimension. The parallel Spock follows him and says that they can go back to the parallel dimension and be together. However, they will not be able to come back. Kirk decides to go. Original Spock doesn't want Kirk to go. Instead he wants to keep Kirk as his secret mistress while married to Uhura. Kirk declines and goes back with parallel Spock.

Found in comments!
resonably innocent
I while back I read an au crossover fic based on Treasure Planet, where Jim was Jim Hawkins, of course ;), and Spock was John Silver. I believe it was a big bang fic. And it had some truly amazing artwork to go with it! I can't find it in my bookmarks or anywhere... please help. Thanks!
10th-May-2016 01:04 am - Searching for K/S mpreg fic
copyright Scott Adams
Hello. I'm looking for a fic, I think Kirk and Spock weren't in a relationship but somehow Kirk ends up pregnant and then Spock becomes possessive and the fic contains a scene where Kirk, Spock, and an Andorian Ambassador and his three-ish wives are in a hot tub/spring and one of the wives reaches for Kirk's baby belly and Spock kind of freaks a little on her and end up rubbing himself off against Kirk's back in a dominance type display. I know, I always remember the weirdest things from fics. We had a thunderstorm and I lost it before I could finish so any help would be great.
7th-May-2016 02:09 pm - Personal Assistant
I'm looking for an older fic, it's an AU where Bones is a doctor, but he's been suspended or something where he can't practice medicine. He has to support Joanna so he becomes Jim's personal assistant. I think Sam owns this big company and Jim is one of the CEOs. It's the job from hell...Bones can't stand working for Jim Kirk, but he sticks it out for Joanna. I think Christine is one of Jim's employees too.

They begin to get close, but Carol Marcus gets in the picture and Bones quits.

Does this one ring a bell for anyone? It was so good and I'd love to read again. I've searched and searched but no luck. I think it may have been AO3, but I'm not sure.
Thanks in advance to any one who finds it.
Ok, there are two post series fics based on Cardassia that I'm looking for...

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1st-May-2016 10:54 pm - Fic dealing with Vulcan bigotry
Normally I love the Vulcan culture, but since even in real life not everybody lives up to an entire culture's ideals, I was wondering if anybody had any good recs of fic that deals with vulcan prejudices. Like, for instance, I know there's one (I kinda hope someone can find it ^_^) where the bridge crew is at some kind of conference on tolerance, and several Vulcans are basically bamouthing Spock. I think McCoy even calls them on it, he kicks the back of thir chair and says some thing like 'Can you keep it down? I'm busy learning how not to insult you when I call you a Hobgoblin.' or something like that. Basically any fics where, although the Vulcan people are given respect, it's basically pointed out that they occasionally have a real problem with accepting others (like Spock) and that this completely runs counter to IDIC. Or stories where Kirk ends up defending Spock from his own people. The longer the better, and K/S preferred but not absolutely required. Thanks a lot!
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