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26th-Apr-2015 08:13 pm - JIM'S PAST SEXUAL ABUSE?
steve, bucky
Okay hi guys, I'm hoping someone can help me find a fic! All I remember is that the Enterprise is sent to pick up an alien politician for a trial, bc he was accused of sexually abusing the local orphans. Also, orphans on the planet are treated very well, are given the best education, facilities, etc.. Jim is on the bridge talking to two people from the planet, one who isn't afraid to say they know the politician is guilty, and one who is reluctant to believe he could do anything so terrible. Kirk listens to the story, and then declares himself emotionally compromised for the mission, and doesn't go down to the planet to escort the politician to the ship.

Thank you soooo much for any help!!!
26th-Apr-2015 01:03 am - Looking for a specific smartkirk fic
I think the story is reboot and its the Five Times someone underestimated Kirk scenario. Only I think its from only Spock's POV. I think one scene is Spock seeing Kirk in his quarters looking over some files but not with a pad but something that he created himself. It reminded me of Tony Starks' technology that he actually displays images in front of the user instead of a computer screen. Does this fic sound familiar to anyone?
24th-Apr-2015 06:43 pm - Kohlinar/Riverside Spirk fic
I was reading a longer fic a while back with Kirk being in Riverside after STID (I think it was Riverside, anyway). He and Spock had been in a relationship, but Spock went to NV to pursue Kohlinar (Kolinahr?) and Kirk kept having headaches because Spock was trying to break their bond. Kirk wouldn't let go of the bond, though, and so Spock eventually came back.

Sound familiar to anyone?
23rd-Apr-2015 11:52 pm - Kirk has a long circadian cycle
I'm pretty sure this is a mention in a long fic, but Jim has a longer than average sleep-wake cycle, which McCoy ends up explaining to a puzzled Spock after Jim works multiple shifts on the ship over a period of time. It's definitely pre-Into Darkness, so it's easily 5 or more years old, but I can't remember what it's called or find the right keywords to find it.
23rd-Apr-2015 05:42 pm - Looking for a Kirk/Nero fic
Hello, nice people of the internet:)
I'm looking for an au fic, where Nero "bought" Jim from Tarsus IV for a bag of food when Jim was a teen. He grew up on the Romulan ship, and they called him Terran (because he was from Earth). If I remember correctly, he later marries Nero, and his first tattos are a band of gold circles made of actual gold around his upper arms, to show that he is taken. I cannot find it anywhere, and it drives me up the wall! Help me please:) And thank you in advance:)))
22nd-Apr-2015 10:07 am - Looking for a Spirk Rec
I'm looking for some fics that deal with Spock's Pon Farr and Nyota not being suitable for it. Either she isn't as compatible, (mentally), with Spock as everyone had thought and/or she isn't able to handle the intensity of Pon Farr.

That's when Jim steps in, in whatever way, but in the end he and Spock wind up together and not Spock and Nyota.

Anyone know any fics that fall into this category?
15th-Apr-2015 02:59 pm - Underestimated Kirk General Fic Find
Hi I'm currently in the mood to read any fics where people underestimate Kirk's skills/intelligence or he deliberately hides what he's capable of/dumbs himself down. Anything along those lines (maybe Uhura is surprised when he can speak different languages or Spock doesn't think he's very good at science but it turns out he's brilliant at it) or fics where he hides behind different masks so people misjudge his personality/behaviour.
Any help you can give me is much appreciated! :D
13th-Apr-2015 10:21 pm - Jim/McCoy - Bipolar Bones fic
Hi, I'm looking for an AOS Trek fic where Bones and Jim are an established couple and Bones is bipolar - I'm pretty sure it is Bipolar Disease. This fic was posted on AO3 and is told by Bones' POV. Basically it is an account of living with a mental illness, how it ruined his marriage (because he had an episode in front of Jocelyn and *maybe* Joanna), trying to adjust to meds, and the bouts of depression.

I distinctly remember two things:

1- A scene where Bones runs on the threadmill to keep his thoughts away, and the author makes a comment about how one of Bones' leg is half an inch shorter than the other, and while it is not noticeable the pain from running barefoot will keep him hurting physically and not mentally;

2 - That Jim says something like "One day I will tell you what is like to live with the disease from my POV/this side",

If it helps, the author posted another fic (not complete) on AO3, an omegaverse where AOS Jim is an omega, Bones an alpha and when Jim is born Winona licks him trying to cover him with her own scent. I'm mentioning this because I think it may help finding the fic I'm lookinf for or the author - I *think* her name was a mix of 'Elaine' and 'penny', but I could be wrong.

Thanks in advace for any help. This fic really hits close home and meant a lot to me. I had it bookmarked but lost it when my computer died.
9th-Apr-2015 10:51 pm - Kirk/Spock Pregency Fic
Princess Bride Quote
Everyone was so helpful last time, so I'm hopeing that you all will be able to help me with this fic.

I'm looking for a Kirk/Spock Pregency Fic where Kirk is down on a planet and meets a future!Spock. He is then impregented with an artifical womb and a child. Spock is the father, but he doesn't know because Kirk won't tell him. He only finds out after he touches Kirks stomach and forms a telepathic connection with the child. Happy ending for everyone, except possibly Bones, but that's Bones.

Any help would be wonderful.

Thanks Everyone!!
10th-Apr-2015 01:18 am - Rec Everything! McKirk, Gen, Epic!
Hey guys, I want all your fav McKirk fics, bottom!kirk only though please!

Also, nice long plotty fics, gen or mckirk, or mckirk friendship is good!

Also any fics with Kirk's brother in them?

Thanks in advance for any recs!
8th-Apr-2015 10:08 pm - Amanda/Sarek Fic
Looking for a fic called something like "A Question of Romance."  Maybe on A03?

In it, Sarek somehow concludes he needs to be more romantic with Amanda, and enlists his staff and T'Pau in an inquiry into what this entails. Somehow, T'Pau ends up addicted to Human romance novels featuring lusty starship captains. Wish I could find that gem again!
7th-Apr-2015 10:35 pm - Looking for a Jim/Bones AU story.
I think it was based on the book/movie Rebecca.

Jim was hired as a nanny, I think, and he and Bones started having feelings for each other pretty much right away. Spock was in the story too; he had some sort of crush on Bones and was pretty nasty to Jim.
And then Jim found out the truth about the weird stuff that had happened since he started and left. It has a happy ending, though.

I know it's really vague, but I'm hoping you can help me anyway. Please help me, this is driving me insane!
6th-Apr-2015 06:21 pm - Spock kidnapped by a Romulan General
Mock's Like God
I am looking for an AU story, possibly posted at perhaps in 2009-2010, various chapters, where Spock is kidnapped by a Romulan General. The Romulan General rapes/bonds with Spock.

Somehow Kirk, through a connection he still has with Spock is able to connect/talk/sense that Spock is still alive.

The Romulan General falls in love with Spock, and Spock also develops some feelings for him. Kirk is able to negotiate for Spock's release.

Kirk is jealous of the fact the General has been with Spock, the jealousy is also due to the fact Spock is scantily dressed. The negotiations to get Spock back are tense, possible battle ensues, Spock is released and I believe something happens to the General. Possibly death???

It was a WIP.

Does anyone remember this story?
Hey looking for stories where they have kids.

Also, looking to read your favorite K/S story...

Thank you,
5th-Apr-2015 01:43 am - Feeling inadequate

I'm looking for a spock/kirk fic
In which Spock feels that Jim can't really love him
Because of SpockPrime,
Imcan't remember whether he felt less suitable to Jim,
Or thought the two had bonded...
Anyway in the end Jim tells him that his perception is totally wrong
And he only loves him..

Anyone read anything like that?
I can't dind the fic anymore.

I hope you can help me, thanks
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