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22nd-Nov-2015 03:20 pm - Kirk/McCoy
Does anyone remember a fic where McCoy loses his memory and doesn't remember Jim at all? Jim told Bones a lie, told him they were married so he could be with him when he was injured on some planet. Then Jim has to continue the lie.
Does anyone remember reading this? I think it was on AO3?
22nd-Nov-2015 02:39 pm - Spock/Kirk kid-fics AOS

Looking for any and all fics where they have kids...You all have been so helpful in the past.  I promise to bookmark this time..

Thank you very much,

19th-Nov-2015 08:14 pm - kirk/McCoy, presumed Kirk/Joanna
So, I seem to remember reading a fic where Jim and Bones really want each other, but never make any move. But then an older Joanna is around, and after hearing she's in Jim's quarters Bones does what any father would do and breaks Jim's face for seducing his daughter. The thing is, there was absolutely nothing of the kind going on - instead, it was Jim and Joanna planning how to get Jim and Bones together.

Rings any bells for anyone?
18th-Nov-2015 11:09 pm - TOS or movies K/S search
I'm looking for fics, TOS or TOS-movies, where Spock and Kirk share a bond but don't have relationship (yet), and Spock tries to break or shield the bond and Kirk is suffering the consequences.

And also can anyone recomment me good post-TMP fics with a first-time K/S?
19th-Nov-2015 04:41 am - Kirk & Uhura Friendship
STR - Kirk/Spock - Infinte
Any pairing, slash or het. I just need some AOS fics where Kirk and Uhurs are bros, please.
15th-Nov-2015 09:14 pm - Sarek Passing Traits to Spock Ficlet
So this ficlet doesn't have a pairing, I think, and if it did it would most likely be K/S. Anyway, here's what I remember:

After Spock's birth Sarek is wondering about what he passed down to his son. He sees all these traits from Amanda in Spock, but none of himself. One day though, Spock raises his eyebrow at Sarek and Sarek is struck with love/joy at passing this thing down to Spock.
11th-Nov-2015 02:49 pm - Best Fics
I'm looking for the best Jim centered fics. Any pairing, and length, any rating.
8th-Nov-2015 08:04 pm - Hurt Spock
Hello! I think I asked a couple years ago for some hurt spock fics. I figured it's been a while and hopefully there would be a few new ones out there for me to indulgen in! B Hello! I think I asked a couple years ago for some hurt Spock fics. I figured it's been a while and hopefully there would be a few new ones out there for me to indulge in!

 Basically I'm looking for any kind of 'hurt' Spock stories. This could mean sick, injured, abused. I’m up for anything at all as long as it includes some kind of vulnerability! I’d prefer K/S but again I’m not picky. asically I'm looking for any kind of 'hurt' spock stories. This could mean sick, injuried, abused 
8th-Nov-2015 05:31 pm - K/S Spock is a Super Computer thing
Hey, back again. So I'm pretty sure this is either on KS Archive or livejournal, but then again I may be wrong. Anyway, here's what I remember:

Spock is this super computer that can mess with the universe. Jim finds in him in this secure facility in Starfleet. He starts talking with Spock, gets to know him, even helps Spock as the computer escape (?). Somehow or other Spock starts messing with universe in order to get himself a body, then some way to stay with Jim, and somehow reboot happens, I think. They do wind up on Vulcan somehow and meet T'Pol.

Yeah, it's confusing, but it was really interesting, so would love to read it again. :D
Hey everyone. I remember reading a fic (although I can't remember where...) where Sarek was having difficulties since Vulcan males within families have no affection for one another and Sarek feels uncomfortable with Spock's presence and assumes Spock feels the same.

I'm pretty sure later on though Sarek realises that Spock's hybrid nature spared him the innate hatred and so Sarek had been a dick to Spock whilst Spock genuinely loves Sarek (to Sarek's surprise.)

Anyone remember reading something like this? I can't remember whether it was TOS or reboot, probably was a hybrid of both.
6th-Nov-2015 05:27 pm - K/S Kinda HP x over, but not really
Pretty sure this isn't on AO3 and it's definitely not Crown of True Kings. Anyway, here's what I remember:

Enterprise and two, maybe three, other ships are on shore leave or some sort of group training. This leave happens every few years lead by an Admiral. The Admiral brings them to this planet that has magic. Apparently the people of this planet are the descendants of the witches and wizards of Earth. Anyway, on this planet there's this Triwizard Tournament kind of thing happening. One member from each ship is picked to compete. From all the other ships the captain is selected, for the Enterprise, Spock is selected. It's a shock to the Enterprise crew and Kirk is a bit jealous/offended/something. At the end of the fic the reasoning for picking those people from the ships is that they feel like they don't fit in/belong/have prove themselves to their crew, and that was why Spock was chosen instead of Kirk. Oh, and this may be reboot, most likely reboot.
3rd-Nov-2015 08:50 pm - Reboot Kolinhar/Bond-Breaking Fic.
I'm looking for a fic that I believe was rather long, but I don't remember most of the story. The bit that sticks out to me is that Kirk and Spock were bonded at some point, but Spock went off to pursue Kolinahr (I can never remember where that 'h' goes...) and Jim goes back to Iowa. Jim can feel Spock trying to break the bond during his studies, and gets headaches. At one point, Spock tries so hard that the resulting headache knocks Jim unconscious (or somesuch). Bones shows up around/after that point, and then Spock eventually shows up because Jim held on so tightly to the bond that Kolinahr couldn't break it and Spock realized he really did love Jim (or somesuch) and the end was all happy-lovey-dovey.
3rd-Nov-2015 12:16 am - Christmas fic
Dean Cas Sam
Hi, i'm looking for a story i've read where Jim(Who is totally in love with Spock) wants to spend Christmas Eve with Spock and invite him at his place but he refuse. Jim is very upset and once home he throw the little Christmas tree in the trash can. After refusing Jim's invitation, Spock is visited by future Maccoy who shows him the sad scene at Jim's apartemt and also Spock's future without Jim. Thanks in advance :D
1st-Nov-2015 09:14 pm - Jim grows up with Spock on Vulcan
Dean Cas Sam
Hi, i'm looking for a story where some Vulcans delegates go on Earth's schools to select children to bring with them on Vulcan where they will be paired with their Vulcan Mate. Jim ends up with Spock and they grow up together. I'm sorry but i can't remember anything more, please help me if you can :D
30th-Oct-2015 11:59 pm - sehlats
ginger puss
(From lurker to seeker twice in two weeks) Am reading a story where Spock is introducing his daughter to sehlats at a research facility, and I vaguely remember a story with a misfit young sehlat that Spock and Jim end up adopting? Ring any bells?
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