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30th-Jul-2016 02:25 am(no subject)

I'm looking for a fic. The user deleted their account but the name of the fic is A Boy Named Jim by AriannaSterling. I don't know if it was saved anywhere else or if anyone has a pdf of it but it would be great if I could have a copy.

29th-Jul-2016 09:52 pm - Spirk
Hi I have been searching for a fic for a few days but I can't remember the name! Basically Enterprise is on shore leave and I think it might be Christmas time but I'm not a hundred percent sure however the crew go off to spend time with their family. Pon Farr has begun for Spock and he isn't all keen to go to New Vulcan. Jim becomes ill and he's not sure why (reacting to Spock). Spock changes course and heads to a spaceport and he's not sure why but then Jim and him spot each other across the room and it all becomes clear. Pining!Kirk with McCoy knowing about his crush. He comms Bones at one point cause he's really not well and he was gonna head there but Spock turned up. Does anyone know which fic I'm talking about?
28th-Jul-2016 07:20 pm - Hurt!Bones+Protective!Kirk

I'm looking for any fics, (preferably friendship) where Bones is the one who is injured, and Jim is protecting/trying to save him.
Thank you in advance!
28th-Jul-2016 11:39 pm - Any ST Beyond fics yet?
I'm looking for any fics that have been written so far during or after ST Beyond. I know IvanW has one, I've seen that.
Optimistic I know! But it doesn't hurt to ask!
27th-Jul-2016 02:24 pm - Jim's Past
Looking for a specific fic...i only remember one scene. Jim was at home from shore leave (i believe the crew was there or at least bones and spock) and Jims brother Sam was there. I remember that sam took out a bottle of alcohol and jim had a bad reaction and thats how sam found out about the abuse. I believe it was a spirk fic as well.
Also, any fics where the crew meets Jims brother or where Jim sees Sam and Sam finds out everything Jim went through.
26th-Jul-2016 10:54 pm - Kirk/Spock Kirk assaulted
Hi all,

Looking for a fic that reverses the trope where kirk is assaulted and Spock doesn't believe kirk. In the one I'm looking for Spock is on negotiations maybe and the crew has shore leave. Kirk is physically and mentally assaulted by a man and woman. He goes back to the ship and everyone thinks he cheated on Spock. When Spock returns he immediately knows Kirk was assaulted and supports him
Hi all!

I can't remember where I read this fic, but the thing that stands out is that Jim goes up against some bad guys, sets a trap or acts as a diversion or something to that effect, he ends up getting shot in the head with a phaser at point blank range.

When he comes to, crew is worried and pissed, and he says something along the lines of "Good thing I had it set to stun" to which Spock responds that even a stun can be fatal at such close range. I think everybody marvels that for somebody so smart, he can be an idiot sometimes--but I might be mixing fics up at that point. Google has failed me when I tried searching for keywords.

Thanks in advance!
Heya, I need help finding a fic that I only vaguely remember. It was Spock/Bone slash or pre-slash. Bones and Spock had a fight/argument and Bones stopped coming to the bridge at all. Everyone noticed, would turn around when the lift doors opened hoping. Finally Spock talks to/or apologizes and Bones tarts coming back tot he bridge to everyone's relief. I believe it was an AOS fic.

I appreciate any and all help!
25th-Jul-2016 08:39 pm - Kirk/Bones
Here is a new challenge should you choose to accept it!
I am looking for a fic were Kirks step father Frank sells him of in marriage to I think Khan.
And Bones falls in love with him and comes to his rescue.
The story was very Gone with the Wind feel.
The fight with swords and pistols.
25th-Jul-2016 07:53 pm - Missing khan time travel fic
crystal, ice
This is a Kirk/Kharhat appears to have gone missing from AO3. Kirk accidentally time travels back to the Eugenics Wars and ends up a hostage/guest of Khan at the height of his power. He ends up learning that there is a lot more to Khan and the Augments in general than anyone thought. I do remember another augment visiting from I think Russia, and some erotic shared dreaming between Kirk and Khan.
25th-Jul-2016 05:47 pm - Looking for an older fic
Hello! New to the community. I'm looking for a specific fic that my google-fu is failing to find and idk if anyone else has read it. It's an older one that I think is set in TOS instead of AOS, but I'm not sure.

Basically what happened was that Kirk and Bones are married, adopt a couple of children including a Vulcan girl who was emotional... and then Bones is kidnapped by Khan and Kirk has to go on a Quest(tm) to save him. I know, kinda vague, but I remember it not being on ff.net or AO3, so that might narrow it down (to being almost impossible to find, lol).

Thanks for any help!
25th-Jul-2016 02:52 pm - star trek
Hey everyone I am looking for a fanfiction were
kirk and the crew beam down to a planet and Kirk goes blind and is left behind at a cave for safety.
He is drugged by aliens unknown and is thrown in a cell with a young Vulcan boy and ends up making a parental bond with him. The boy also bonds later with Spock as well.
It is a Kirk/Spock fic.
Please I beg of you help me find it!
I had it on my computer and when I did a update it erased it.
If any of you can find it for me you will be my Hero!
24th-Jul-2016 07:54 pm - Stories where Vulcan isn't destroyed
Basically the above, I'd love to read fics where Vulcan isn't destroyed.

Thank you.
ST-TOS. Kirk. Beauty of the Beholder
Hello, lovelies! I'm looking for a specific Reboot fic. The fic was a character piece that explored how many times in Jim Kirk's life he has found himself precariously hanging off of steep ledges, describing multiple, specific times this had happened to him (such as the time Kirk, as a child, jumped out of the car in the first Reboot film and narrowly avoided falling down a cliff with it, or when Nero was taunting Kirk, as an adult, as he hung from a ledge in the same film), and what it said about Jim Kirk's connection to fate that he always, always -- both metaphorically and physically -- defied the odds and found ways to drag himself back up from difficulties and onto solid ground again.

I think the fic was written before Into Darkness was released, but I'm not entirely sure?? Also, I'm pretty sure (but not 100% sure) that it was in the format of a "5 Times" fic. I remember thinking it was gorgeously written, and I'm so sad to have lost track of it! I'd be so grateful if anyone here could help me out. Thank you in advance!!
23rd-Jul-2016 09:38 pm - Sept 11 Jim/Bones
I'm looking for an older story that I read where Jim is with Carol Marcus and she's dies during the Sept 11 tragedy. Jim is left with baby David. I remember he lives in an apt. And I think Bones is his neighbor and they meet through the tragedy. Spock, Nyota, and Gaila are his friends.
Does any one remember this fic? I remember that it was a pretty long fic.
Thank you.
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