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25th-Oct-2016 12:10 am - piratey kirk??
okay you brilliant people who have never let me down

on the hunt for one I should have bookmarked - likely kirk/spock, kirk was the captain of a ship (the ocean kind) for some reason. I'm pretty sure he was previously captain of the enterprise but something happened which made him leave and main plot was spock trying to convince him to come back??? can't remember much so might be a little off!
23rd-Oct-2016 12:03 pm - Not an Island
Re Not an Island by fourleggedfish

I know I've recced this to various people in the past, with the warning it's unfinished & probably abandoned. Well, if anyone's interested, after an absence of three years, she's finally updated it!!! (I'm a little bit excited!)
21st-Oct-2016 10:15 pm - Specific Torture Kirk Fic
Hey y'all. I am trying to find a fic that I read a long long time ago and now can not find it for the life of me. I know I read it on fanfiction.net, but if someone can find it on other platforms I will take that.

It has been a few years so the details are a little sketchy. I remember there was definite Bones/Kirk tones, although I can't remember if it was shipping or just all the friendship. It wasn't an excessively long fic, it was stand alone, not a part of a big story. Basics is that Kirk was being tortured by an alien race. I think he was in a glass tube or something and they were giving him a drug that made him see all the bridge crew die in front of him and all he could do was pound on the glass.

Potentially the same fic or a different one, same idea in that aliens made him see his crew die in front of him, but I am remembering (maybe) a scene in which they are all on the bridge and either the drug thing happens then or they replay/etc. their deaths and Bones has to grab Kirk to make him realize it is not true while the rest of the bridge watches (with surprise?)

Any help is appreciated, thanks so much!
17th-Oct-2016 09:44 pm - Looking for certain fic themes.
Slash Gambit
I am looking for a few type of stories all in the new Star Trek universe:
1) I am looking for any stories where Jim hears the last few moments of his father's life.
I prefer gen or slash

2) I am looking for stories where in the first Film (AU) Nero recognizes Jim when he is standing next to Spock on the bridge and perhaps mentions/hints at a relationship between Spock and Jim. Or any stories where Nero Recognizes Jim during that scene.

3)can anyone recommend any stories where Vulcan was warned due to Jim to evacuate asap? Or due to Jim's and the crews actions were able to save more Vulcans than shown in the films?

4) Also I read a fic where Kirk had a hand in building the Enterprise; programming, engineering, etc. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Please & Thank you for any help.
16th-Oct-2016 12:24 pm - Craving some K/S H/C
rabid fangirls
Long time lurker here but you always seem to post such wonderful recs that I thought I would post.  I have to do something tomorrow that I am dreading and so am craving some nice H/C fics to look forward to when I get back.

Can anyone please rec me some fics that have either Kirk or Spock very upset and the other comforting them?  I read a fic recently where Kirk had been raped and had a panic attack on the bridge and Spock was just holding him and it hit me right in the feels. cos I'm sad like that So. Trauma, non-con, mental illness/depression, complete mental breakdown, anything goes as long as there are tears and hugs and it is at least vaguely well written/IC.  Bonus points for a meltdown in front of other crew members and extra bonus with chocolate sprinkles and my eternal gratitude if it is a long multi chapter fic.

Also I apologise for my woeful inability to tag.  I have done my best. Thanks in advance for any recs.

Anyone?  Anything?  
14th-Oct-2016 10:20 pm - Voyager seaquest crossover
I have been on a hunt for voyager seaquest crossover where Q dumps Lucas on Voyager saving him. Basically Harry/Lucas slash. I tracked an earlier version of the story based in St:no author name Dennis but the website link was broken and not archived on the way back machine. If some knows this and has a working link, or a copy I would be dearly grateful.
12th-Oct-2016 11:48 am - Post Narada Fics
Hi, I'm looking for this one fanfic that I read a while back and can't find. I read it on fanfiction.net, and it's set after the Narada. Kirk is taking on a bunch of different jobs and duties all over the academy and is really over worked. He (and a bunch of other senior cadets) help teach classes and stuff to fill the gap. Anyone know what it is?
I'm looking for a fic I read and it's driving me crazy because I don't remember enough details for a google search (do you have any idea how useless the words heavier, higher, and gravity are when looking for a Trek fic?).  What I do remember is Jim weightlifting in the gym and he's lifting an amount of weight that's normally impossible for humans.  He can do this because he spent time on a world with heavier gravity while growing up and worked to keep the extra strength.

That's all I can remember.  Just knowing my own reading, I can also tell you it's either K/S or gen.  And I'm 95% certain it's set in the new reboot 'verse.

Ideas?  Suggestions?  Any help would be most welcome.
11th-Oct-2016 10:17 pm - Sheeana - "Defining Moments"
Does anyone know how i can read Sheeana's story "Defining Moments?" Ive heard about it and want to read it but it looks like her Livejournal is gone. Im not trying to disrespect Sheeana if she doesnt want her stories posted but the story did sound really good. Thanks for the help!
I can't remember a lot of details but I remember that it had insecure Spock and at one point Bones ordered Spock to eat in the mess hall instead of in his room (maybe Spock had an eating disorder? I'm not sure) but Spock had stopped sitting with the crew and was isolating himself. There were scenes of Jim and Spock at meals together where Jim would talk and Spock wouldn't say anything.

There was one specific scene where Spock was at a table by himself in the crowded mess hall and a bunch of young crew members all sat next to him and were being really loud and one was eating a rare steak? I think Jim came and made them all move but I'm not sure.

I just remember a very lonely Spock, and a Jim that misunderstood a lot of Spock's actions and a very frustrated Bones.
11th-Oct-2016 11:46 pm(no subject)
don't even remember storyline of fic but just remember one scene where mccoy purposely provokes kirk to show spock exactly how jim reacts when backed into a corner??
10th-Oct-2016 06:59 pm - Missing Fic
The only thing i remember about this fic is it was post narada and the crew was being held for debriefing but it was super late, and they hadnt eaten. So kirk basically steps in and says i want beds and food (steak i think) for the crew. A female admiral said something like he wasn't even a real captain or something like that.

Anyone recognize this?
7th-Oct-2016 11:56 pm - Lost fic Asexual Kirk
I've lost a fic where Kirk is asexual but has sex to essentially cuddle. He sees it as a massive problem and has been beaten up in the past I think when partners found out. Cue Kirk and Spock get together and end up having sex but Kirk can't follow through.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
As a cruel, cruel person I love hurt!spock fics to death. Those fics alone are harder to find than others, but that's not exactly my request.

I have never, not in my whole entire time of reading Star Trek fanfics, have found a self harming Spock one. Not one, nada. I was hoping that if someone has dug deep into the abyss enough to find one, they could link it.

I'll take whatever I can get, and please post whatever self harm Spock fics you find, although slash/gen is preferred because I've never quite liked Spock/Uhura together. (Nothing against the ship, I believe they do have chemistry, but not my cup of tea.)
5th-Oct-2016 09:20 pm - Pre-Federation Spock/Kirk AU

In this AU Earth and Vulcan never became allies. By accident Kirk's ship passed through the neutral zone and was captured by Spock's ship. Spock is just at the beginnings of Pon Farr and tests Kirk's crew for a compatible mate. Discovers Jim and well.... Jim is let go after.

Some time later Earth and Vulcan have agreed to work together by having lottery to pick the command teams of their joint ships. Kirk ends up Captain with Spock as XO. There is tension and suspicion on the part of Kirk until it's all worked out.

Normally I run into this one all the time on AO3, but right now I have less than 10 minutes of internet every day, so I don't have the time to search and I can't find it. Thank you for all your help.
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