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6th-Jan-2017 11:51 am - [sticky post] Sticky Mod Post
For ease of reporting spam and other abuse, please let me know of it via this sticky post, which I will also edit as needed. For the time being, this community will remain on [E.T.A. partially] moderated status due to a rash of spam posts today (January 6th, 2017).

Update January 8th, 2017: For the time being, I have removed YouTube from this community's links white list. If this works as it should, all posts with a YT link should enter the moderation queue.

Happy fic-seeking,
Blackbird Song
16th-Jan-2017 07:45 pm - Spock/Kirk go to Couples Counselling?
I can't find this fic and it's really started to bug me.
Spock and Kirk, who aren't together yet and really do not get along very well, are forced to go "therapy" together to try and get them to be friends.
They may have had to make a list of what they like about each other.
Bones may have been the one to force them into this.
I think the therapist, in the end, was an untrustworthy person. And she had to leave the ship.
If anybody knows it please let me know! It's a really good fic
14th-Jan-2017 11:11 pm - Spock!Prime and Nu!Kirk fic rec
punk kitty
My favorite thing to come out of the Kelvinverse is the potential for slash fic between Spock Prime and Nu Kirk. I especially love fic where aged Spock Prime looks upon young, handsome Nu Kirk and goes into a fit of pining for his lost t'hy'la. Or maybe Spock prime only loved Kirk Prime from a distance, never doing anything about it, and seeing Nu Kirk reminds him of lost opportunity. I love any iteration of this dynamic, really, even the purely chaste stuff.

I'm also always looking for more good fic of this sort, and thought I'd see what this lovely community might come up with!

14th-Jan-2017 10:25 pm - accidental bonding
back to back
Hi All,

Could you recommend me accidental bonding fics? I was inspired by kyliselle's How High the Moon.
- Spock and Jim has to meld for a reason and because they have such compatible minds, a bond is formed
- one of them saves the other and a bond is formed
- or any other variation
What I'd like to see that they didn't plan this, weren't in a relationship, maybe didn't even like each other all that much or Spock was still dating Uhura. However, whatever was, now they have to figure out what to do. I prefer a happy ending.  :)
14th-Jan-2017 10:17 pm - Kirk/Spock. AU
OK. Kirk is injured due to being tortured by Nero on the Narada (leg by mechanical tentacles I want to say). Spock may (or may not) have been part of rescue party, and then ended up on New Vulcan. Remains of the Narada as on NV for study.. Scotty us one of the engineers. Kirk is on NV maybe to recover? Anyone?
12th-Jan-2017 10:09 pm - Kirk/Mccoy
Hi, I'm looking for a fic about Dr.Mccoy being assigned to a different ship after the battle with Nero. He wasn't the CMO.He and Jim would write back and forth. Jim was really mad a him at one point. Does this ring a bell.

Thanks in advance.


Thannk-you Fic found Until we meet again. By claudia_nic.
I read this fic a while ago and now I can't find it for the life of me. Super angsty, from Spock's POV, k/s were in a no strings attached style relationship. Kirk is also sleeping with other people, Spock gets jealous obviously. Then on some sort of mission someone takes interest in spock and kirk gets really jealous? I've been looking everywhere.
12th-Jan-2017 03:04 pm - Daddy!Spock with average kid
I'm looking for fic that has Spock and Uhura raising a kid, preferably theirs, and the kid is completely average. No complex maths at age 5, no brilliant genius artist skills, just plain old average kid, nothing special. How does Spock or even Sarek deal with this, how does the child live in a family of such overachievers and deal with the pressure? I'm looking for any genre.
Thank you.
9th-Jan-2017 08:51 pm - Hurt Jim
Im looking for a fic where Jim went somewhere cold (a place provided by Pike, if im correct) after a break up with Spock.
Please and thank you.
7th-Jan-2017 05:32 pm - mpreg with young jim and bones
Hi I'm looking for a fic where Jim is pregnant. He was raped by his step-father and goes to the hospital where he meets Bones. They help him deliver and its totally angsty. But in the end he ends up giving the child to Bones and his wife and thats Joanna.

Any help please thnx
7th-Jan-2017 07:41 pm - Episode reboot fic
Hi guys! I've been trying to find this fanfic for a few weeks now, but with no such luck. I read it on Ao3, but I fear it may have gotten deleted off of there.

From what I can remember, the fic took the TOS episodes, "Charlie X" and "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" (possibly more episodes but those were the ones that stand out to me), and applied it to the AOS universe with a heavy dose of Kirk pining and miscommunication, possibly also t'hy'la stuff thrown in as well.

For the "Charlie X" reboot, I remember instead of being infatuated with Janice, Charlie instead latched onto Jim (not in a romantic way mind you). When Janice is taking food to the bridge Charlie convinces her he can do it, and I think convinces Jim to let him stay on the bridge when he gets there. He also does make Uhura lose her voice while she was singing like in the actual episode, but not because he felt she was making fun of him, Charlie could feel Kirk was sad because Spock and Uhura were together and he was just being a big pining mess about it. Some more stuff does happen that I can't quite remember, but I do remember right before Charlie is taken off the ship he makes Spock disappear. It was pretty much for the same reason, Charlie could see being around Spock made Jim sad.

For "What Are Little Girls Made Of?", it basically followed the episode pretty well, except Jim does not kiss the android and he's being a sad lovesick fool. The standout thing for me though was when Jim's android was being made, instead of saying "Mind your own business blah blah blah" he says "I love you, Spock" repeatedly, which was something he really didn't want to do because he thought Spock would be disgusted/mad about it? (Spoiler: He wasn't.) This section I believe took place probably towards the end of the fic, because after Jim's confession I think they actually work things out?

Some other things I remember that aren't necessarily related to the plot are: the length of the fanfic was somewhere between 20-35k words, but it could be a little bit more but no more than 60k. It was either rated Explicit or Mature (probably Explicit just because it did have smut at the end). And I believe it came in chapters, but I do have the habit of just clicking the 'Entire work' button on Ao3 so there is a small chance it was just a really long one-shot (doubt it, though).

Hope this isn't too vague! This is all I can remember off the top of my head, but if it sounds like a fic you've read, please send me a link! I may have read it on Ao3, but that doesn't mean it's not posted somewhere else. Even if it is deleted, I still like a link so I can maybe get a copy of the Wayback. Thanks for any help!!
7th-Jan-2017 11:07 am - Tarsus Story
I've been looking everywhere for this story and can't find it. I was sure that I read it on archiveofourown, but I haven't been able to find it again.

The plot is: Jim and Spock meet on Tarsus IV, I'm pretty sure they meet because some kids are bullying the 'aliens' on the planet and Jim steps in to help Spock and another child. When the massacre happens, Spock and Jim run with a few other kids (alien?). Spock has problems meditating and Jim works really hard to look after everyone. Eventually, they get hold of a communicator and Spock manages to message his father for help.

Once they're rescued, Spock's parents adopt Jim (I can't remember why). Jim calls Amanda the vulcan word for mother (I think it's ko-mekh but I'm not sure). Jim and Spock are thy'la but I think it was more a brother bond then romantic. It ends with them at the Academy, Jim is a captain and Spock is talking to Uhura.

Any help would be much appreciated.
5th-Jan-2017 10:17 pm - A Specific & A General Search
Hi Everyone!

I wonder if anyone recognises this story? I'm reasonably sure it was on Ao3 and I think was a reboot story. Behind a cut due to adult themes:

Read more...Collapse )

The second fic was inspired by the scene in beyond where the alien attack commences, Kirk orders everyone to their posts and Spock escorts McCoy, with a phaser. It really brought out my love of protectiveness, so does anybody know of any fics where Spock does just that? Saves McCoy, takes the lead in a dangerous situation, pushes McCoy to the rear, or chides him for putting himself in danger?

Thanks in advance!
2nd-Jan-2017 09:04 am - Bamf darker voyager crew come home?
I've not read much of any voyager fic at all
So my question is this --

Is there any AU fic out there of like a darker warrior scarred up and tired bamf voyager crew ? Who had their lives changed by being so far from home?
Something similar to battle star galactica maybe? The darkness from that show.
A crew who is darker, more willing to do the harder choices and their clothes are all leather and haphazardly put together from a lack of resources ?
Maybe even a fic where the crew eventually lost the voyager ship and had to get by with other haphazardly put together ships

And then when they finally do get home everyone's all shocked by how different they are ?
2nd-Jan-2017 06:10 am - Looking for a De-aged Spock Fic
First let me say, Happy New Years. I'm looking for a fic I read years ago on ksarchive. I know the author actually took the fic down cause some people complained it was kinda similar to another fic but both and several others were answering a challenge so I disagreed. The challenge was Spock was de-aged during a mission and when he meets Kirk for the first time as a kid he knew Kirk was T'hy'la because of his smell, something about pheromones. Kirk and Spock were not a couple before he became de-aged but they get together after Spock becomes an adult again. I remember the story was completed and it was multi-chapter. I know there were several of these stories but does anyone remember one being taken down? Thank you in advance.
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