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2nd-Mar-2015 08:55 pm - Looking for Smutty Spork-FOUND!
I read this fic last week, but like an idiot forgot to SAVE IT!!! So I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm almost 99.98% positive that it was on Archive of our Own. It was a Spock/Kirk fic, however I don't remember too much other than the lovely smex! The one thing I DO remember is that the fic had fanart in it. I don't remember if it was the author's own work or someone else's, but there were one or two pictures of Spock and Jim getting it on. I remember one of the pictures having Spock, (either on the ground or on the bed), on his knees, fully clothed, with Jim riding him.

Hopefully this'll help someone find the fic.
Read the comment for the link!!!
1st-Mar-2015 02:23 pm - Looking for K/S Fic
King Charles Spaniel
I'm looking for a Kirk/Spock fic that is probably several years old, and unfortunately I can remember very little about it. From what I can recall, Kirk & Spock are on an inhabited planet, either on leave with the rest of the crew or as part of some official mission. K & S have sex (maybe in some kind of hotel?), during which Kirk touches Spock's ears and eyebrows. I think this makes Spock assume Kirk was turned on by the alien-ness of Spock and that he only wanted a one-night stand, which isn't the case. It ends up with the 2 of them together in a happy ending.
Can someone help me find this particular story. It's been bothering me for a while, I can't remember all the details, but what I do remember is that it's AU AOS with Kirk and Spock meeting on EArth when they were kids and becoming friends. The part that stood out for me was that T'pring and Stonn became Spock's friends when he went back to Vulcan. And they were eager to know about Kirk when they realized that Spock's human friend was a genius. I think there was a part that Kirk communicated with Spock from Tarsus IV when communications was said to be impossible, he was about to break the barrier or sneak a message through. Which so happens really impressed T'pring and Stonn that a young human was able to do such a thing.

Sound familiar to anyone?
Thanks in advance
28th-Feb-2015 02:12 pm - Pike is Kirk's Dad
gym pants, jim
I'm looking for any recent fics (written in the last 12 months) in which Pike is either Jim's biological or adoptive father. I have just re-read Western Skies which has prompted me to look for any new additions to this theme. To be honest, I don't mind any links to the older fics as I neglected to bookmark them (apart from Western Skies and Tangled Destinies).
I would prefer slash: Kirk/Spock or Kirk/McCoy, but I will take anything.

I have only done a brief search of this comm so I apologise if I have overooked similar requests.

Thanks in advance.
28th-Feb-2015 07:52 am - looking for a fic
Janto Love
After what we found out yesterday, I need a bit of Spock!Prime loving- any fics were he gets nu!Spock/nu!Kirk together or stuff like that?? Any will do!!
25th-Feb-2015 11:07 pm - McCoy centric fics
Bones is my favorite character, so I am looking for fics focusing on him (or told from his POV).

-Any Bones pairing welcome (not a fan of Kirk/Spock but K/S/M is a-okay).
-Whump (physical, mental, sexual abuse or illness) and angst is wonderful. Hurt/Comfort is my favorite genre. No character death though!
-Gen is welcome.
-AUs are cool as long as Bones centric (or in case of pairings, focused on Bones)!

Just your favorite McCoy fics.
25th-Mar-2015 09:24 pm - McCoy/Kahn recs anyone? Please!
true love, smc, tos
Can anyone rec me some McCoy/Khan fics that are long or at least longish and where Kahn isn't such a bad guy? Pretty please! I've had a strange craving for more of this ship lately for some reason and it's really hard to find, sadly. I'll take anything as long as Len's the sub/bottom in the relationship.
24th-Feb-2015 09:59 am - Beverly Sutherland Fic
Does anybody know if "Fantasies" by Beverly Sutherland is available anywhere? It was originally published in Nome #8.
Many thanks

So I've been searching through my bookmarks and can't seem to locate this one story that I'm really desperate to reread. I don't remember the title of it, but here's what I do remember:

The pairing is Spock/Kirk, but there's also Kirk with a Vulcan female. Kirk and the Vulcan Female meet when Kirk is studying abroad on Vulcan (I believe) and they end up in a relationship that results in a kid. For some reason, I think she dies(?), but the Vulcan female is no longer around.

I think the story is posted to LJ originally, but maybe has also been cross-posted to AO3 in the recent years.

So yeah, it's not much to go on, but I'd really appreciate any help I can get.

Anyways, Thank You all in advance!
Hi everyone!

I'm looking for fics like this one where Spock is manipulated into thinking that the proper punishment for a mistake is to give his superior a blow job.
Is there any other fic where Spock has been physically or sexually abused by teachers or officers who made him believe that it was tradition or punishment or something and Kirk and/or McCoy discover it.

If you think of any fic like that please tell me !
19th-Feb-2015 01:47 am - Please help me find a star trek story
All I remember is that spock and kirk have to take sarek and Amanda's place as clan leader for an event. Kirk is not happy about it, but eventually accepts what he has to do with help from some pheromones that spock puts out. I think that the story is clan leader, but I am not sure if it is. I remember that their is a part 2. That is about sarek finding someone he has not seen is a longtime.
I reject your reality
Hello awesome and life-saving community!:D I've been craving to re-read a fanfic I can't seem to's stupid because it's written by one of the bigger names in the AOS K/S fandom but yeah.

Basically, nu!Kirk is on a mission and transports himself to a planet during an ion storm, against Spock's wishes. Jim ends up in the muscular body of an AU!Jim where Vilcans are still savage and warrior-like, and where Romulans are the logical ones. On this version of Enterprise Kirk has a Romulan first officer, and ppl seem to love tattoos and being more violent. Kirk stumbles upon Spock's one-man ship and saved him (Spock's on a journey to find his T'hy'la, thinking they might be on Earth, which is an enemy to Vulcan), and Kirk says some Vulcan phrase and Spock is beamed aboard...and Kirk agrees to help with his quest, Spock strangles him and realizes he's his T'hy'la - cue angst - and Spock calls Kirk "kabun" or something meaning baby in Vulcan----

This annoys the shit outta me coz I REMEMBER IT SO WELL BUT I CANT FIND IT URGH HELP XD
16th-Feb-2015 07:23 pm - [FOUND!] Looking for mob fic
Q.    I saw this recommended a couple months ago in this group  It is an AU academy fic from AO3(?).  The main relationship is Spock/Jim.  Jim Kirk is really apart of a mob/crime family and his name is not really Jim Kirk.  He is enrolled for reasons at Star Fleet and attracts Spock's attention there.  Jim meets all the members of his crew during his time there and would like to join them for real, but he is having trouble escaping his past.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?
copyright Scott Adams
I'm looking for a Spirk fic where Orions and Vulcans live on the same planet. The Orions live up in a mountainous region, where Gaila is queen and Kirk (who is still a human) is her consort/champion. The Vulcans send a small diplomatic party, planning for a war, which includes Spock. Naturally, Kirk and Spock are through together a lot, they duel playfully and eventually Spock believes Kirk is his t'hy'la and tells him so There may be some neck snapping of third parties at this point, to prove that point.
If anyone remembers this fic, please help. I greatly appreciate it, thank you!
9th-Feb-2015 09:48 pm - Alien Kobayashi Maru
John (J.D) Dorian/Perry Cox
Jim is taking a alien version of the Kobayashi Maru so they would sign some kind of treaty.  Jim gets stuck in the program because he won't give up.  The rest of the crew comes into the program to help him beat it.  I don't think he realizes that they are in there with him.  When he gets out the alien say something like they have never seen someone try so hard to save their planet/ship.
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