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Hi! So I have no idea why I always love seeing my favorite characters get hurt, but does anyone know any good fics where Kirk gets hurt (doing something hero-ey preferably, not because he was being dumb) and Mccoy has to fix him back up, while all the time being worried for his best friend (or his lover. Whichever works)

I've been scouring all the fic sites for stories like this, and I'm still craving more!

Thanks :)
1st-Dec-2016 08:35 pm - A mission with wicked scientists
I'm looking for a fic where the crew must transport scientists. A woman scientist is flirting with Kirk, but it's a trap. Her boyfriend (a scientist too) wants to sexually abuse Kirk by using a drug. Kirk, fortunately, is not raped.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?

Thanks in advance.
started looking for old fics that I had saved on my old computer that has since gone kaput along with all my old personal archive and I have discovered that some of my favorites have disappeared of the big wide world of the internet.

For instance Blackkat's realm has gone poof even from the wayback machine so I was wondering if anyone here had an alternate net-access source for Blackcat's stories or have a copy that I could have?

The ones that I really like to read again are f.i.:
the Destiny Series,
Breath again,

but really, anything by BlackCat, regardless of fandom and paring is welcome if anyone have a source?
29th-Nov-2016 07:00 pm - desperately looking for
I'm trying to find this one specific fic. In it, Kirk makes McCoy and Spock promise that if he's ever injured past the point of recovery or anything like that, they'll both let him go and move on with their lives. As luck would have it, several months later, Kirk is captured and, when he is found, is no longer himself. In fact, he's no longer quite anyone. He's alive, but even after he is conscious, he is practically unresponsive. When Spock attempts a mind meld, he finds that Kirk's mind is completely empty--not even a personality remains. This should be the part where McCoy and Spock honor their promise and all, but while McCoy does try, Spock is too stubborn to let his best friend go and instead steals Jim, trying in vain to heal him. Nothing works until Spock, finally, stops trying and then Jim starts to come back.
Sorry, this is getting long. There's a lot more and I remember a lot of details--Jim sees auras and thinks of Spock as his "shining one", the people who origninally tortured him are trying to get him back/kill him again, when Kirk comes back to himself, he has no compassion or love because Jim controls those. I could go on, sorry. Anyways, if anyone knows where this might be, please, please let me know. I'm going crazy over here. Thanks!
29th-Nov-2016 08:48 pm - Looking for ...
ST: Kirk and Spock - by pawnshopdave
...a fic. I think it's a 5+1, featuring Kirk surprising his crew. I don't remember much but wasted to read it again... I remember that there is a scene after an away mission when Kirk blacks out due to not eating. It's because his alarm watch didn't go off reminding him to eat. Since Tarsus he always needed an alarm to eat something else he forgot.
''Pon farr+first time'' Kirk/Spock stories
I'm reading The Deep End of Emotion by Dana Austin Marsh and i'm looking to find other pon farr stories that are also first time stories.

Or pon farr stories where spock ''accept'' his upcoming death because he thinks there is no alternative.
Hey :-)

So I've been looking for a fic I read a long while ago now. It's a Kirk/Spock/McCoy pon farr fic. There are loads of them out there, but there's a specific one I'd like to find. If I remember correctly in this one Kirk, Spock and McCoy are stranded somewhere together when Spock goes into pon farr. McCoy and Kirk decide to take care of it, of course, and Spock bonds with them both. There's a nice follow up fic a few years down the line, when they're an established threesome and Spock goes into his second pon farr.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
Thanks! X
25th-Nov-2016 11:57 pm - Gen Search! Established Spirk
Hi, just doing a General Fic search for Established Spirk and the crew or bystanders finding out. It could be a premise or a scene but I'd really like to read about the crew being surprised that Spock is married or has a partner or Vice Versa. Like "This is my human boyfriend" or "Didn't i tell you i married a Vulcan?". I hope you can help, thanks. :)
24th-Nov-2016 08:35 pm - Alien!Bones
So I really have a craving for fics where leonard is secretly an alien (or like half alien) and no one knows until something bad happens. Like he gets hurt or there's a no-hope situation where he has to act if they're going to live, but I can't find any, and I'd really appreciate it if someone could find one?
22nd-Nov-2016 09:04 pm - Spirk presumed dead fics
Hi, does anyone know any Spock/Kirk fics where Spock is presumed dead and Kirk basically dies inside? It could be an established relationship but I'd love some pinning and angst.
There could be smut but if so, I'd prefer bottom!Kirk.
Thank you 💞
23rd-Nov-2016 12:20 am - lost mckirk fic

does anyone knows of a McKirk fanfic from AO3 where Jim gave Bones a caduceus (medical insigna) gift of some sort? He gave Bone both the caduceus and the Rod of Asclepius since he wasn’t sure which is the right one.

i think it’s kind of an au, but i’m not really sure. hope someone could help me! :DDDDD
Time to Suit Up
Hello! I've recently been on a Spones binge and was recommended some fics by the author stage-longsama, however her fics seem to have been deleted. I was wondering if anyone had a copy?

More Than is Dreamt of
In The Discovery
Still Remains
Traveling Genes

and those are the only ones I know of, there are possibly more. Thanks!
19th-Nov-2016 12:05 pm - Looking for a K/S fic
punk kitty

I'm looking for an older fic - I remember reading it (online) when the Kelvin verse was just a twinkle in Abram's eyes. It was told primarily from Spock's point of view.

Kirk and Spock are on some kind of diplomatic mission on an alien planet, where the inhabitants are telepathic. Spock loves Kirk but doesn't want anyone to know it (especially Kirk!), and spends the whole time trying hard to shield his mind. One of the inhabitants, a male, is sweet on Kirk.

There's a climactic scene where Spock finally gives up trying to shield his love at the same time that the male inhabitant tries to meld with Kirk without his permission, which injures Kirk mentally and finally brings about Spock's confession and they're coming together (cuz of course Kirk secretly loved him the whole time).

Sorry, I can't think of the title or the author!
18th-Nov-2016 10:16 pm - Looking for copy of Home
copyright Scott Adams
Since Fanfic.net is such an annoyance now, does anyone have a copy of Lanaea's Home as a file? If so, could I please get a copy at attack.iguana@gmail.com? Thank you!
16th-Nov-2016 05:57 pm(no subject)
I'm looking for a spock/kirk meet as children and spock/kirk with winona bashing.
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